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WikiFur Mobile

I bought a second-hand N800 recently. Thanks to a highly polished hack it now has a rotate function, which turns the (very nice) 800x480 screen into a 480x800 screen.

This vertical mode is fine for reading some websites, but even the current low-resolution version didn't work very well with WikiFur's front page - so I decided to improve things . . .

Here's the new mobile front page in Monobook with a trimmed header and a one-column layout. This is a separate page that users with <500px wide screens are redirected to.


The page is even more readable when using the Chick skin (the Mobile link):


This looks too large on a regular screen, but this is perfectly sized on a small device with a high-resolution screen. Ideally, I'd like to see more than just the current featured article without scrolling - perhaps just the first paragraph of each section. Still, it's a start.

These changes are live on WikiFur: Monobook - Chick

The Chick skin can be selected in your preferences or by adding ?useskin=Chick to a WikiFur URL. You can use a different account with Chick set on your mobile device. If you can't see Chick in your settings, try using MySkin and copying this CSS as directed.

Of course, the current sidebar ads rather spoil the effect on Monobook (and not just on the front page), but we've got a change planned that should help with that problem.

For those of you hoping for a mobile copy of WikiFur - yes, I'm looking into that too, probably using SDict.
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