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WikiFur hits 2200 articles, and a request for MFFers . . .

WikiFur's 2200th entry was penned today, just two weeks after we passed the 2000-mark. We've had several really good new pages added, many of which are noted at the Did you know? page. If you've not dropped by Furry Central recently, check them out! Don't forget we've got that new Community Central, too.

It has not escaped my notice that Midwest FurFest is approaching, especially with the nifty upcoming events list we just added. Unfortunately it doesn't look like I'm going to be able to attend myself - for one thing, it seems I've left it a little too late, hotel-wise (I promise I'll be more organized for Anthrocon, Giza! ;-).

Still, I'm sure a significant proportion of people reading this are trekking off to Chicago this weekend. If you happen to be wondering what to talk about to that furry sitting next to you (on the plane, in the artist's alley, or waiting in line to collect that Super Sponsor badge), do remember that there's this great new website you stumbled across at . . . *grins*

OK, so it's a bit sneaky, but there's going to be plenty of eager fans at the con, and I'm sure a lot of them would be more than interested to hear about an online furry encyclopedia. The more contributors, the more interesting articles we'll get to read, too! Maybe for the future we should consider organizing something like a WikiFur con-badge - after all, we've already got over 80 Wikifurries. :-)

Oh, and that reminds me - we seem to be in contention for the title of Featured Wikicity. If you think that WikiFur deserves a little exposure on the front page of, please consider voting for us (make sure you're logged in, first). Even if we don't make the cut for December, your votes will still count for January. Help us get the word out!
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