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Four languages migrated to; RAM upgraded to 4GB

I am pleased to announce the migration of the German, French, Czech and Portuguese WikiFur projects to, along with a doubling in server memory. Existing editors of these projects should be able to login as normal.

The new hosting is ad-free, has been thoroughly tuned for performance, and offers many new features, including:
* Breadcrumbs - a navigation tool to encourage category exploration (example)
* Abuse filter - encourages positive contributions by catching common mistakes (or vandalism) before it's saved
* An integrated Java chat that goes #wikifur for those without IRC clients
* Multi-category search - ever wanted to know what fursuiters are also webmasters, or find conventions started in 2004 outside of Alberta? Now you can.
* Our own media pool, allowing images to be shared across all sites, just like Wikimedia Commons
* A translation link for logged-in users whose language is different to that of the wiki
* User renaming (for admins) and merging (for bureaucrats)

My thanks to Timduru for his tireless help with the server. The hosting costs him a lot, and also hosts services like Fursuit-TV, the Funday PawPet Show, and the Fursuit Database, so please consider chipping in! I'd also like to congratulate the Russian and Spanish WikiFur projects, who helped us work out the kinks while building impressive sites of their own.

Will English be joining the others? Yes! But not just yet - we still have a few things to do to ensure a smooth transfer. (Edit: Done!) For now, please check your links and bookmarks go to And if you don't have any, why not make a few? (You can also use look up an English article.)

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