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Flayrah relaunched, merged with WikiFur News

I admit it - I've been spending time away from WikiFur recently. But it's for a good cause! :-)

Let's go back about three years. WikiFur was rolling along nicely, and while looking for something new to bring to the site, I thought it would be neat to cover the news. And it was, but I soon found we weren't getting many editors there.

Over the holidays I've been working on recoding furry news portal Flayrah. The project was a success, and I believe Flayrah will grow to occupy the same hole for news that WikiFur did for information almost five years ago.

As great as Flayrah is, it makes WikiFur News mostly redundant, so I've switched our news block to display Flayrah's RSS feed. I've also imported WikiFur News's content under the CC-BY-SA, so it can be read by a wider audience.

I hope those of you interested in furry news will contribute to Flayrah. As with WikiFur, it is what you make of it.
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