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WoWWiki editors move to Wowpedia

As many furs are also World of Warcraft players, I should note that editors of the Wikia-hosted WoWWiki have moved (discussion) to Wowpedia, after yet another forced skin change (the Russians also moved). They were a little later than us, but to be fair they had several times the content to handle. I wish them all the best for the future.

Regular users may be interested in this Greasemonkey script that redirects searches and links to the new site.

Wikia staff recently removed old WoWWiki admins (log) on trumped-up charges - not doing enough to protect their site over Halloween - after attempts to bribe them failed. I do not feel any support can be justified now, so I have removed our "related communities" sidebar section linking to Wikia that was added after our own move.
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