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Experimental HTTPS support added using

Ever get the feeling you're being watched? Our latest upgrade may be right up your alley . . .

HTTPS versions of WikiFur (and Flayrah) are now available.

This service should be considered experimental. If you don't feel comfortable installing a root certificate, this is not for you. Want to give it a go anyway?

WikiFur is using a free certificate signed by CAcert is very much a grassroots operation, so you'll probably need to install their PKI root keys into your browser or operating system yourself (Windows install). This should only take a minute or so. After that, you can securely browse any site with a certificate signed by CAcert (including, surprisingly, YiffyToys).

There are still a few unsecured resource references in the current version of MediaWiki. To use HTTPS for all access, not just login or browsing, you'll need a browser extension. Firefox users might try NoScript (instructions), Force-TLS or HTTPS Everywhere (instructions), while Chrome users could try Use HTTPS (tools/extension/options, add '').

Access is routed through our Varnish page cache via Pound, so there should be little performance impact if you choose to use HTTPS.

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