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WikiFur nominated for Ursa Major Award - vote today!

The Ursa Major Award nominees are out, and WikiFur is on the ballot (along with our news partner Flayrah, formerly WikiFur News).

In six years, nobody has even attempted to challenge our position as the fandom's reference work, and I think this is a good measure of how well we fulfill that role. No other site has done more to get accurate information about furries out there. Every day we serve over 7,000 unique visitors to our English edition alone (and another ~2,000 in other languages), and our editors manage an average of 100 edits. We've reached out to furs across the world, creating editions in 20 languages, bringing together editors from all segments of the fandom. Flayrah has likewise been successful in the two years since its renewal.

If you think this deserves recognition, now's the time to vote! All furry fans may vote, regardless of involvement in the nomination phase.

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