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PHP 5.4 upgrade (finally) complete; performance++

My apologies to users for the two hours of downtime tonight! While upgrading the server to PHP 5.4 (a new version of the software which powers MediaWiki), a configuration error caused the central script processor to be left at 5.3. This didn't work so well when the database access modules had been upgraded . . .

Page rendering should now be much faster (~15%). Memory usage has also decreased dramatically (~70Mb vs. 120Mb after a clean start).

In the next month or so, we'll be rolling out MediaWiki 1.19 (which brings the benefits of 1.18; we are currently on 1.17.4).

A reminder for those going to Califur: the UMA awards ceremony is at 4PM on Saturday. I expect a strong turnout of WikiFur supporters!

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