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WikiProject Furry needs your help!

Remember Wikipedia? Yeah, there's life outside WikiFur, and WikiProject Furry has been set up to maintain the roughly 100 articles about furry-related topics on the Big Wiki.

However, the project has recently fallen quiet - and as usual, the ravages of Deletionism threaten what has been built over many years. The list of furry conventions has already suffered severe loss from a lack of sources, and articles on recognized furry comics like Endtown and Jack face demotion or deletion if they are not improved. There are likely many new topics which could also be covered there, if proper material can be found and organized.

Please take the time to drop by and help ensure that furry topics remain covered - and, if articles cannot be saved, consider merging them into WikiFur, being sure to add the {{Wikipedia}} tag to give credit. (We might consider doing this anyway - after all, if Wikipedia has better coverage of furry topics, we have some explaining to do!)

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