GreenReaper (greenreaper) wrote in wikifur,

WikiFur, Flayrah nominated for 2012 UMA; Italian WikiFur grows

It's that time, again. Both WikiFur and its affiliated news service, Flayrah, have been nominated for the 2012 Ursa Major Awards.

Flayrah won last time, while WikiFur came second to dark horse candidate Equestria Daily - beating both FA and Inkbunny.

EQD is not in the running this year, and we have an excellent chance of winning both awards - so please vote! (While you're there, check out the other nominees, and those on the recommended list.)

Need some justification? WikiFur's reasons for winning are still valid, while Flayrah has doubled its output over the past year.

In other news, the Italian WikiFur has seen impressive growth - in part through a free-content partnership with Italian furry portal - with editing led by Valery91Thunder and Escofal. Italian is now the sixth fourth-largest edition of WikiFur, with over 250 articles on a variety of topics. Our English edition recently topped 16,500 articles (including over 9000 people), while Russian editors are approaching 3,000.

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