HTTPS now available on Wikipedia - links updated

As Wikimedia now supports HTTPS, links to Wikipedia et. al. have been changed so that those using HTTPS on WikiFur/Flayrah will keep using it when following links. Cached pages may be retained for up to 30 days, so using a tool which forces HTTPS per-domain is still a good idea.

In addition, shared images from are now served protocol-relative and shouldn't cause security warnings (e.g. Русфуренция; you'll need root certs installed).
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WikiFur's summer of edits

Summer has come to a close, but WikiFur's editors haven't taken a break. The English edition notched up its 14,000th article with sustained work by the usual suspects, while its Russian counterpart passed the 2000-article mark last week, thanks largely to EvilCat (ru) and Digger Shrew/Dokatamaru (ru). Further east, our Chinese edition now boasts 150 articles after contributions from Alphawolf Kiba (狼王白牙).

WikiFur's international expansion has slowed, but this month saw an exception – the founding of the Esperanto edition (our 20th). While the creation of editions in constructed languages is not encouraged, Esperanto has a century-long history, many native speakers, and a strong Wikipedia project. Editing has started under the guidance of KuboF, who has already developed a translation guide for furry-specific terms.

Also worth noting are our financial supporters; most notably Bob Guthrie (Spirou), Alphawolf Kiba and Netami Kitchkinet (Kitch), who have each given over $300 to date - the equivalent of nine months' hosting. (Of course, our hosting might cost three times as much if not provided at a discounted rate by Timduru.)
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Flayrah joins the big leagues

A while back I had this crazy idea to starting a furry news site . . . after all, how hard could it be?

Four years later, the relaunched Flayrah (successor to WikiFur News) has been accepted into Google News. Now when people search for furry conventions, they'll actually get something useful. :-)

Like WikiFur, getting Flayrah this far would not have been possible without the efforts of many people - in particular, the site's contributing editors and reviewers, but also those who provided useful and encouraging comments, those sending in tips, and the supporters who fund the server. Many came from here, so thank you all for your help.
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Additional proxy/malware blacklists added

Additional blacklist checks are now being made to secure WikiFur from machines detected to be compromised by malware, or those hosting various forms of open proxies. These should make it a lot harder - though not impossible - for spam and vandalism attacks to get through.

Such checks can occasionally prevent legitimate users from editing; for example, if the address you use is shared by that of a past spammer, or you are behind a restrictive firewall and are using a proxy to edit. If this applies to you, please contact me with details of your situation.

WikiTrust beta rolled out; server maintenance this week

WikiFur is testing out WikiTrust (homepage), a means of determining the level of consensus for each section of an article. You can see it at work by clicking the "wikitrust" tab, or adding "?trust" to the URL.

Areas highlighted in orange are considered "less trusted", as the history indicates they have not been reviewed by other "reliable" editors. The reputation of an editor depends on whether their text is kept by other editors. Wired has a nice writeup of how it's meant to work; there's a paper and some recent research on how well it works, too.

Newly created or rewritten areas are fully orange (Jay Nalor - Jessica Elwood), while edits by untrusted users can be seen even after modifications to other sections of the article (Yiff - - Fursona). You can click text to see the revision adding it.

The colouring is more saturated for users without an extensive history of having their edits "confirmed" by others. As such, this tool is currently most useful on the English and Russian WikiFur, as there are too few users on other editions to form a consensus.

WikiTrust is still beta software and you may notice a few cases where the trust display does not accurately reflect the regular page. The tab also does not display for users of the Vector skin. I'm working with the development team to iron these bugs out.

In other news, timduru is consolidating hosted sites to WikiFur's server, which may result in a few short periods of downtime or slow performance over the next few days.
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Korean WikiFur founded

If you - or a furry friend - happen to know the language of Korea, please drop by the new Korean WikiFur and lend it a paw! (Interested editors might also join Naver's Korean Furry Alliance.)

In other East Asian news, the Chinese WikiFur is active once more, thanks to editors new and old. As for other languages:
Debido al auge y a la creciente facinación de la serie MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC, se a creado un término llamado BRONIE, que es la mezcla del término BROTHER y PONY.
. . . yeah.